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Team Captains
You've got your team and your sneakers ready to go. Now what?

Get Your Team Motivated.

Here are some quick tips to help encourage your team and get everyone excited for the walk!

  • Set a team goal – and a stretch goal. Setting a team goal is the first step to success and helps to create a team bond. It helps everyone feel involved and invested in helping the team succeed. Setting a stretch goal – one that’s just a little bigger than your team’s regular goal – can help to motivate teammates to fundraise even more.
  • Send regular emails to your team. This not only helps you track how your teammates are doing on their fundraising goals, but you can also share encouragement, news and plan fundraising events to help your team reach (or exceed) your goal.
  • Invite your team members to share their stories. There are many reasons why people walk and join your team. Sharing those stories with your team can create greater comraderie.
  • Gather as a group. Go for ice cream, meet up at a park, go to the Zoo and scope the route – whatever your team likes to do! Meeting in person helps everyone stay motivated – and gives you a chance to share creative new ideas for raising funds and having fun at the walk.
  • Hold a fundraising night at a local restaurant.
  • Get together to decorate T-shirts and signs for walk day.
  • Recognize your top fundraiser on the team and ask her/him to share her/his tips.
  • Share a story about a patient who will benefit from your support.
  • Get social. Encourage your teammates to post updates and ask for support on Facebook and other social media sites. Be sure they're sharing statuses and raising awareness of team fundraising activities!
  • Sign up for Team Fundraising Days. We will be hosting two team fundraising days at Cincinnati Children's to help teams raise money to reach their goals. Find out more.

Want more information? Check out the Team Captain Checklist.

We did it!

Thanks to you, and a generous matching gift from Jostin Construction, we raised $1 million!

Thanks for all that you do!