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I am walking for Cincinnati Children's: Jeanne's House

Hi Everyone!  My name is Colton and I am a patient at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.  You see when I was born at 30 weeks, I needed to have surgery.  Mom says it made me Short Gut.  I say it gave me super powers! 

I go to see my GI team every couple of months.  They help me stay healthy and GROW!!  Mom calls me her big turkey...so I must be getting really big. 

There are lots of kids just like me who get treatment at Cincinnati Children's.  Please help me as I walk for my favorite charity: Jeanne's House.  Miss Jeanne was my first nurse when I came to Cincinnati Children's Hospital when I was just 6 months old.  She was my GI nurse for 4.5 years.  I have been getting stronger and healthier over the last few years thanks in part to Miss Jeanne's help.

Together we will be walking because..."We can change the outcome."  Please join us or donate, every little bit helps kids just like me. -Love, Colton-