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Go the Distance for Cincinnati Children's 2019

Jeanne's House for Intestinal Care

Jeanne’s House for Intestinal Care Story

The idea for JEANNE’S HOUSE FOR INTESTINAL CARE began in 1978 in the NICU. Nurse Jeanne Harjo came to the NICU as a staff nurse and quickly gravitated to the neonates with Intestinal Failure. Jeanne worked with these patients for 40 years as a nurse.

Each one of the numerous children Jeanne cared for came with a different and often challenging family situation. Most families had very little understanding of their child’s condition. Resources were limited and even unavailable for the families to care for their child at home.

Jeanne often said that maybe I could help by having a HOME where families could learn about their child and become confident, capable advocates and caregivers.

Jeanne came to GI in 2007 to care for children with Intestinal Failure and their families who are at home. Family needs and resources remain similar to those that she first noted in the NICU many years ago.

Jeanne’s House for Intestinal Care is a fund, comprised solely of donations, and is utilized to help families with resources not covered by other sources.
Over the years, the fund has been used to purchase:

*Small scales, which are used by families to weigh diapers to monitor their child’s output to ensure they are adequately hydrated and are able to remain safely at home.
*Vitamin D and iron supplements which are increasingly not covered by insurances as they are considered nutritional supplements. Our children require much higher doses of vitamins and iron due poor absorption and this can be costly.
*Meal Cards for families who are unexpectedly admitted or admitted for long periods of time.
*Gas Cards for families who have no means of getting to appointments.

Our goals are to expand by offering educational opportunities, support for families/caregivers & offer scholarships for college-bound patients of the Intestinal Care Center.

Jeanne’s ultimate goal has always been a home where children and their families are able to receive help and loving care. Currently a “house” is not possible but Jeanne’s House for Intestinal Care strives to offer some small help for our children and their families.

Jeanne retired in 2017, but continues to pursue her passion for these special children and their families. The Intestinal Care Center team has continued to honor her legacy by continuing and expanding the Jeanne’s House for Intestinal Care’s mission. You can help by contributing through donations or time, joining our Go the Distance (formerly CincyWalks) team annually or contacting the Intestinal Care Team to find out how you can become involved. Please SHARE our story on social media and FOLLOW us on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CCHMCIntestinalRehab.

Our patients and their families thank you!!!Our team is joining thousands of patients, families and supporters for Go the Distance for Cincinnati Children’s to raise money to help advance cures and improve care for kids and families. Please sponsor us!

Go the Distance is more than just a fundraiser – it's a great day of family fun and celebration, all for a great cause.

Now, more than ever, each of us can make a difference in the life of a sick child. We’re changing the outcome together.


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