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I’m joining thousands of patients, families and supporters for Cincinnati Walks for Kids to raise money to help advance cures and improve care for kids and families who are counting on Cincinnati Children’s for hope and healing.  Please sponsor me! 

Logan was admitted to Cincinnati Children's at three weeks old.  He had a bloodclot that led to seizures and two strokes within three days of each other.  The first week at the hospital was the longest week our of lives becasue we didn't know if he was going to live or die.  Once we got into the second week knowing he was going to live, we weren't sure what Logan was going to be like...was he going to be a child that we hoped we would get a smile from every once in a while or was he going to be a typical kid.  He is now almost six years old and I am happy to report that we are closer to be a typical kid than just a smile once in a while.  He is starting to walk by himself (he walks everywhere in a walker) and we do get words from him.  He understands what you are saying...we are now working on him communicating back to us.


This is why we support Cincinnati Children's.  If it wasn't for them, Logan would not be here today.  We see them for lots of reasons and while I hate going to the hospital, Cincinnati Children's makes the stay a little bit easier. 

Please consider supporting Team Logan and Cincinnati Children's Hospital.  It is becasue of you that Logan has made the progress he has and will continue to make!  We hope you will join Team Logan on walk day!

Now, more than ever, each of us can make a difference in the life of a sick child. We’re changing the outcome together.