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Go the Distance for Cincinnati Children's 2019

Gentle Shimmies

"Music knows it is and always will be one of the things that life just won't quit." Just days before Kevin's passing, we posed the question, "What is your favorite song?" To all of our surprise, his response was "Sir Duke" by Stevie Wonder.  Originally, I chalked this response up to the copious amount of medication he was on, but as I have had more time to reflect on my favorite memories with Kevin his selection starts to make perfect sense.  Music was always something we shared as a family.  Kevin and I were inseparable as young kids and were frequently found singing karaoke to a variety of stellar 90's hits.  Some of our most precious family videos included duo performances of Britney Spears, Spice Girls, and Flintstones.  As a family, to this day, we open our Christmas gifts to the Alivn and the Chipmunks Christmas album.  We even used to sing our order at the Arby's drive-thru.  These memories continued into adulthood with singing Disney soundtracks on road trips - using anything we could get our hands on for microphones.  During our last two weeks in the hospital, singing and dancing became the norm to lighten the mood and make life seem more "normal."  Kevin got so in to music he would sing random words or phrases to the hospital staff, earning him the nickname "Frank Sinatra."  One of the memories I will cherish the most during the final days we got to spend with Kevin was despite how much pain he was in, whenever he would sing or hear music, he would gently raise his shoulders (and the little eyebrows he had) up and down.  He called it his "gentle shimmie."  

Kevin had multiple goals in life, but growing up he always wanted to be the entertainer.  This continued until his last day on Earth.  My hope for the team this year is to remember all of the times Kevin kept us laughing.  Whether it's in the comments section below or a private message/conversation with me, please share your favorite memories of Kevin.  He may no longer be with us physically, but we can all continue to keep his spirit alive.  Please take a life lesson from Kevin and don't take life too seriously - even in the scariest moments.  Laugh, sing, dance until "You can feel it all over." 

Kevin was and will continue to be an inspiration for many, and his fight against cancer will live on through research afforded by his donated tissue. The money raised by this team will go to the Cancer and Blood Disease Institute at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center to continue to support Kevin's precious gift to the field he cared so passionately about.  


Gentle Shimmies Raised
Raised $250 Personal Gift Badge Katie Graham $250.00
Lindsey Antrobus $0.00
Raised $100 Personal Gift Badge Jenna Bach $100.00
Paige Bach $0.00
Suzi Bach $0.00
Sam Bain $0.00
Lauren Barker $0.00
Tony Barker $0.00
Personal Gift Badge Stephanie Bridges $50.00
Pat Bunch $0.00
Ashley Carrico $0.00
Hannah Carrico $0.00
Raised $100 Jeffrey Carrico $170.00
Raised $250 Personal Gift Badge Marge Carrico $300.00
Raised $100 Personal Gift Badge Michael Carrico $180.00
Personal Gift Badge Macie Cherry $50.00
Raised $250 Personal Gift Badge Catherine Daggitt $255.00
Raised $500 Personal Gift Badge Anthony Dalton $550.00
Natalie Dee $0.00
Personal Gift Badge Beth Dusing $25.00
Emily Egbers $0.00
Jonathan Egbers $0.00
Jaimee Ehoodin $0.00
Anna Finn $0.00
Julie Gamble $0.00
Raised $100 Personal Gift Badge Katie Glossner $100.00
Raised $250 Personal Gift Badge Brett Graham $465.00
Raised $100 Personal Gift Badge Erin Graham $100.00
Personal Gift Badge Mary Beth Graham $25.00
Raised $500 Personal Gift Badge Amy Hahnel $500.00
Bill Hahnel $0.00
Personal Gift Badge Megan Hoover $25.00
Raised $100 Personal Gift Badge Mickey Houp $205.00
Personal Gift Badge Robyn Howell $50.00
Raised $500 Personal Gift Badge Monica Juett $570.00
Betsy Keegan $0.00
Bryan Keegan $0.00
Raised $100 Personal Gift Badge Conor King $150.00
Raised $100 Personal Gift Badge Scott King $100.00
Victoria King $50.00
Joe Klare $0.00
Rohan Klare $0.00
Amanda Laws $0.00
Amy Leonard $0.00
David Leonard $0.00
Becky Martin $0.00
Richard Norfleet $0.00
Julie Rinaldi $0.00
Karen Salyers $0.00
Kristin Sander $0.00
Sherry Schmeing $20.00
Personal Gift Badge Angie Sexton $25.00
Raised $100 Personal Gift Badge Debbie Sizemore $100.00
Robert Sizemore $0.00
Kenzie Stevens $0.00
Katherine Stevenson $0.00
Raised $500 Personal Gift Badge Samantha Thompson $555.00
Personal Gift Badge Kathryn Watkins $25.00
Raised $100 Personal Gift Badge Michael Weber $100.00
Personal Gift Badge Donna Wesseler $50.00
Team Gifts $6,690.00
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