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Go the Distance for Cincinnati Children's 2019

Benny and the Jets

Welcome back to Team Benny and the Jets!!!  The support and donations we received last year was absolutely incredible and we are so grateful which is why we are so excited to be participating again for the second time in Go the Distance!  As a refresher, Ben was born in August 2017 with a rare orthopaedic disorder, Congenital Vertical Talus, causing both his feet to be completely vertical at birth.  He endured 5 months of full leg castings and braces as well as surgery to correct his talus bones.  He still is wearing his braces at night and will for years to come.  Ben has slowly met some physical milestones but still has a ways to go to continue to catch up.  Cincinnati Childrens has continued to be a huge source of support for us as we are still there frequently for appointments and therapy.  We are asking for donations again as a small way to continue to pay back to the place that has done so much for us.  We would greatly appreciate any donations and would love if you would join us for the walk/run!!

Benny and the Jets - Join Team Raised
Raised $100 Melissa Lallathin $125.00
Andrew Lallathin $0.00
Benjamin Lallathin $0.00
Cate Lallathin $0.00
Henry Lallathin $0.00
Raised $500 Personal Gift Badge James Lallathin $500.00
Raised $250 Personal Gift Badge Kendall Lallathin $250.00
Mark Lallathin $0.00
Sam Lallathin $0.00
Daniel MacConnell $0.00
Rosemary MacConnell $0.00
Diane Rinaldi $0.00
Raised $100 Personal Gift Badge Katherine Schwing $175.00
Luke Schwing $0.00
Mac Schwing $0.00
Patrick Schwing $0.00
Team Gifts $2,050.00
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