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Go the Distance for Cincinnati Children's 2018

Rob's Kids

Please join "Rob's Kids" Team Sept. 15th as we walk for PSYCHIATRY!

We celebrate life! We celebrate healing!
We celebrate Division of Psychiatry!
An amazing team of Mental Health Professionals
Who helped Sam Get Back Up Again!
“I Am Sam, I Am a Survivor!” After her Dad died by suicide in March of 2008, Sam found herself in the same dark place 2 ½ years later.
She spoke the words “I want to die.“
Now she is speaking out to save other lives. “Just because my
Dad died doesn’t mean I have to die too!”

Now Sam is off to College! Because of CCHMC she is a “Survivor!”
(Sam’s video story at www.robskids.org)

Calling all walkers! We need You!
You made our Team Successful for the past 6 years!
Let’s Do It Again!

Rob's Kids Team raised enough funds to help build the "Bike Path" at the College Hill Campus, AND.....We built the new "Playground!"
They have an "Amphitheater" on their wish list!
Together We Can Make This Happen!


Rob's Kids Raised
Raised $50 Personal Gift Badge Stephanie Potter $50.00
Raised $50 Lisa Bell $50.00
Raised $50 Steven Bell $50.00
Raised $25 Personal Gift Badge Elizabeth Dierkers $25.00
Raised $100 Jennifer Halloran $175.00
Raised $100 Personal Gift Badge Daniel Hardy $154.00
Raised $25 Personal Gift Badge Melissa Michels $25.00
Raised $25 Rosie Moody $50.00
Raised $100 Personal Gift Badge Christina Neltner $145.00
Raised $25 Debbie Patten $50.00
Raised $100 Jacob Petre $115.00
Raised $100 Jessica Petre $116.00
Raised $250 Emma Potter $250.00
Raised $50 James Potter $50.00
Raised $250 Samantha Potter $250.00
Raised $50 Matt Repka $50.00
Raised $50 David Riddell $50.00
Raised $50 Tammi Riddell $50.00
Raised $100 Arthur Schaller $117.00
Raised $100 Elizabeth Schaller $118.00
Raised $500 Chris Sturgil $890.00
Raised $25 Steve Sturgil $25.00
Raised $25 Personal Gift Badge Judy Walker $25.00
Raised $50 Jonathan Walter $50.00
Raised $25 Ann Weaver $50.00
Raised $50 Alex Zielinski $50.00
Raised $25 Personal Gift Badge Jena Zielinski $25.00
Team Gifts $2,050.00
Denotes a Team Captain