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Welcome to My Personal Page

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my page!  A little about me!

“I Am Sam, I Am a Survivor!”  After my Dad died by suicide in March of 2008, I found myself in the same dark place 2 ½ years later.  I spoke the words “I want to die.” I found the support and medical attention she needed at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital at College Hill.  After much testing and their extensive psychiatric evaluation, I was provided the tools I needed to completely change my life.  Now I is speaking out to save other lives. “Just because my Dad died doesn’t mean I have to die too!”

There is so much life live!

Thank you for walking with us! We will get that "Amphitheater" for all those kids at College Hill and they can get better and live a normal life again. 

See you on September 16th at Old Coney!