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 "We’re changing the outcome together," is a motto I read everyday around the campus at Cincinnati Children's hospital. This place has become a second home to me since April 12th, and they really have made it a home for our family and so many other families. While spending everyday at a hospital isn't ideal, there is no hospital I would rather be in under these circumstances. Hugh and I had discussed wanting to do something to give back to the hospital because they have been so remarkable. Then I found out about "walk for kids" and I thought maybe I could be part of the "together" in their motto. Cheesy, yes, but I mean it. So, Freddie and I will be joining thousands of patients, families and supporters of Cincinnati Children’s at Cincinnati Walks for Kids to raise money to help advance cures and improve care for kids and families. Please sponsor me! 

For those of you who don't know, our youngest son Tommy was born with TEF/LGEA. His condition is very rare to begin with, and of the different types of TEFs there are, his is one of the rarest. His case has been difficult with quite a few unforeseen setbacks. He's had 5 surgeries so far. We hope that the next one will be his final one for a long time.