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Cincinnati Walks for Kids 2017

Team Mara


This will be TEAM MARA's 4th year walking.  We have been so blessed with the growth of our team over the last frew years. We are excited to see it grow more this year.  Our team will be joining thousands of patients, families and supporters of Cincinnati Children’s at Cincinnati Walks for Kids on Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017, at Coney Island. Please consider sponsoring us or joining our team!

We are raising money for the Cincinnatus Foundation for Research and Education on Turner Syndrome. Funds will be used for research and education dedicated to the group our girls that get care at the Turners Syndrome Clinic in Cincinnati. CCHMC is home to a Turner Clinic providing care to girls from birth through adulthood.

As you many know we are doing this in honor of my daughter Mara Layton.  Mara was diagnosed with Turners Syndrome when I was 20 weeks pregnant with her.  Mara has been getting care at the Turners Syndrome Clinic and Cincinnati childerns since the day she was born.  When Mara was 7 days old she recieved an open heart surgery to fix a heart complication caused by Turners Syndrome.

 Mara see the wonderful staff at the Turners Clinc on a regular basis and will directly benefit from the research done by the Cincinnatus Foundation. She has already over come so much since she was born, but her journey has just begun.    Please help us support her life long journey!!

We appreciate everyone's help to spread awareness for TURNERS SYNDROME! If you would like to learn more about Turners Syndrome.  Here is a great resource. http://www.turnersyndrome.org/



Team Mara Raised
Raised $500 Personal Gift Badge Peggy Layton $585.00
Jeff Allen $0.00
Raised $100 Personal Gift Badge Valerie Allen $100.00
Julie Becker $0.00
Katelyn Becker $0.00
Michael Becker $0.00
Raised $500 Personal Gift Badge Tina Cappel $600.00
Raised $25 Clade Layton $25.00
Raised $250 Mara Layton $250.00
Raised $500 Personal Gift Badge Tim Mattlin $700.00
Elaine Peiffer $0.00
Raised $100 Personal Gift Badge Mark Peiffer $100.00
Raised $100 Taylor Schmit $120.00
Ashley Walters $0.00
Caroline Walters $0.00
Claire Walters $0.00
Team Gifts $5,356.00
Denotes a Team Captain