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Cincinnati Walks for Kids 2017

CHECK Foster Care Clinic

Our team will be joining thousands of patients, families and supporters of Cincinnati Children’s at Cincinnati Walks for Kids on Saturday, Sept. 28, 2013, at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. Please consider sponsoring us!

Our goal is to raise funds to help Cincinnati Children’s CHECK Foster Care Clinic!  Nearly 750,000 children in the United States are in foster care, the vast majority placed because of neglect, abuse, or parental abandonment. While the law provides for medical checkups at the time of the child’s placement, reviews are often cursory, and after placement the child remains at high risk for lacking necessary medical attention.

Children in foster care are 6 times more likely to have developmental delays and 5 times more likely to have behavioral problems than children in the general population.  Between 30% and 80% of children in foster care have chronic medical problems.  These very children who are most likely to have medical, developmental, and behavioral problems are the children who often have the least amount of medical care with minimal preventive care and under-diagnosis and treatment. Most do not get comprehensive physical, developmental or psychological evaluations while in foster care. This is exacerbated by the fact that, with each new placement, the child is generally taken to a new doctor without record of previous medical care. Unaddressed health problems often lead to behavioral problems, triggering new placements.

The combined lack of adequate examination of foster care children, lack of a continuity of their medical records, and lack of proper parental screening/support compounds health problems for foster children. To address recurring and pressing needs of foster care children, Cincinnati Children’s has established the CHECK Foster Care Clinic. 

Our physicians are dedicated to helping families by taking a multidisciplinary approach to providing diagnostic and therapeutic interventions to meet the unique medical, dental, behavioral and mental health needs of foster children in Hamilton and Butler Counties.

Cincinnati Walks for Kids is more than just a fundraiser it's a great day of family fun and celebration, all for a great cause.

Now, more than ever, each of us can make a difference in the life of a sick child. With your help, we can change the outcome for kids – one step at a time.

CHECK Foster Care Clinic Raised
Raised $250 Personal Gift Badge Leslie Wigger $305.00
Ben Beal $0.00
Callie Beal $0.00
Logan Beal $0.00
Raised $25 Personal Gift Badge Sarah Beal $25.00
Matt Doers $0.00
Raised $500 Personal Gift Badge Ann Edwards $540.00
Benjamin Edwards $0.00
Colin Edwards $0.00
Elliott Edwards $0.00
Raised $25 Personal Gift Badge Mary Greiner $30.00
Raised $100 Personal Gift Badge Judith Harmony $100.00
M. Herbert $0.00
Nyah Herbert $0.00
Raised $25 Personal Gift Badge Emily Jobe $25.00
Raised $500 Personal Gift Badge David Ritter $869.84
Raised $1000 Personal Gift Badge Kelly Ritter $1,412.40
Raised $100 Celia Rubinstein $110.00
Raised $100 Elise Rubinstein $125.00
Raised $100 Simon Rubinstein $100.00
Team Gifts $443.48
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