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Cincinnati Walks for Kids 2017

Rob's Kids



Please join "Rob's Kids" Team as

We celebrate life! We celebrate healing!

We celebrate Division of Psychiatry!

An amazing team of Mental Health Professionals

Who helped Sam Get Back Up Again!


“I Am Sam, I Am a Survivor!” After her Dad died by suicide in March of 2008, Sam found herself in the same dark place 2 ½ years later. She spoke the words “I want to die.”
Now she is speaking out to save other lives.  “Just because my
Dad died doesn’t mean I have to die too!”

Sam is starting her second year of college in August!

Her dedication to Rob's Kids and the kids much worse off than she was,
is "unmatched".

Sam is proof that you can "Get Back Up Again!" Having faced such adversity with her Dad's suicide, her own depression and suicidal thoughts, along with the stigma that accompanies those things, Sam's accomplishents are many.

On April 3, 2014 Sam won the prestigious award “Making A Difference” presented to her by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital – Patient Advocacy Council.

Sam is still loving college. She is in the band, has a great weekend job, joined a serority and still has time for a boyfriend......

She is now 19 years old and attends Georgetown College, Georgetown, Kentucky. Sam plans to major in Physics and teach at college level.

Sam is living proof that you can get back up again! 


Calling all walkers!  WE NEED YOU!

You made our Team Successful for the past 6 years!


 Rob's Kids Team raised enough funds to build the "Bike Path" at the College Hill Campus, AND.....We bought the new "Playground!"

They have an "Amphitheater" on their wish list! 

Together We Can Make This Happen! 


 With your financial support you are saving lives! 

Our foundation is operated by a team of dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to meet our goals.  We truly appreciate your heart for these kids whose illnesses are created most times as a result of decisions that have been made by others.  They truly are victims in so many ways. 

Your donation will make them survivors!

You can check to see if your employer matches your contributions to the
Division of Psychatry Cincinnati Children's here:

Rob's Kids Raised
Raised $100 Personal Gift Badge Stephanie Potter $101.48
Dania Barazi $0.00
Mari Beckert $0.00
Personal Gift Badge Carmen Bennett $5.00
Haley Bennett $5.00
Dakota Board $0.00
Kate Breznak $0.00
Susan Clines $0.00
Raised $10 Personal Gift Badge Avery Creusere $10.00
Personal Gift Badge Luke Creusere $5.00
Steve Davis $0.00
Amanda Dean $0.00
Chelsea Dean $0.00
Raised $25 Personal Gift Badge Elizabeth Dierkers $25.00
Raised $100 Leda Fide $124.00
Adam Fuller $0.00
Raised $10 Personal Gift Badge Cori Fuller $10.00
Hannah Fuller $0.00
Josiah Fuller $0.00
Lydia Fuller $0.00
Charlene Giles $0.00
Raised $100 Personal Gift Badge Adam Hill $100.00
Grace Hill $0.00
Jean Jacobson $0.00
Raised $100 Barbara Keeling $174.00
Noah Kinstler $0.00
Benjamin Morath $0.00
Raised $50 Personal Gift Badge Heather Morath $70.00
Raised $10 Brian Neltner $24.00
Raised $100 Christina Neltner $124.00
Raised $10 Daphne Neltner $24.00
Raised $10 Emma Potter $24.00
Raised $10 James Potter $24.00
Raised $100 Samantha Potter $124.00
Raised $10 David Riddell $24.00
Raised $10 Tammi Riddell $24.00
Raised $250 Personal Gift Badge Lori Roberts $300.00
Raised $500 Personal Gift Badge Chris Sturgil $676.00
Raised $10 Stephen Sturgil $24.00
Spencer Sutter $0.00
Raised $50 Stephanie Sutter $75.00
Raised $250 Personal Gift Badge Barbara Valerius $250.00
Raised $100 Personal Gift Badge Karen Veneris $200.00
Stephen Villberg $0.00
Erik Wiley $0.00
Team Gifts $1,850.00
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