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How do you have a Virtual Walk?

While we’d love to all gather together, it’s more important that we all do our part to help bring this pandemic to an end and gathering together—even in an outdoor location—isn’t safe yet.

But that doesn’t mean that we can’t have a great time! You can do YOUR walk YOUR way. Saturday, May 15 is our official walk day, and we have some fun planned (stay tuned for more info), but you can decide when and where you get your steps in.

Why did you move the event to May? 

What’s better than a stroll on a spring day? While there is no perfect time to host an event for thousands of our closest friends, we decided to move to the spring to avoid the sometimes oppressive heat we experience late in the summer—making the event more enjoyable for our families and patients—especially those who struggle with respiratory issues.

When can I use my zoo ticket? 

Your pass for the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden can be used from Sunday, May 16 through Saturday, May 29. Registration is required in order to keep the number of visitors at a safe number to allow for proper social distancing. A link to make your reservation will be sent to the email you used to register for the walk!

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How do I register to participate?

Visit cincywalks.org and click on "Register" then "Register as an Individual," "Register a New Team" or "Join a Team." Follow the prompts and instructions. 

If you're having difficulty registering, you can email walk@cchmc.org or call 513-636-2941.

Do I have to register to walk?

Yes. Everyone from newborns to 90+ needs to register. It ensures that every participant receives a T-shirt and admission to the Zoo. Once registered, all participants get a personalized fundraising page to track their own fundraising efforts and help them meet their fundraising goal.

When I register my family, do I have to register each member individually? 

Yes, and it's easy to register everyone at once. You can register your family members when you register yourself. Every participant receives a T-shirt and a ticket for the Zoo, so we need to know how many participants we have.

Why is there a $25 registration fee for walks 13 and older and a $5 fee for kids 12 and under?

The fee helps our team plan and host the event and ensures we can provide a safe, enjoyable, family event for everyone who joins us. The registration fee also helps us provide a T-shirt and personal fundraising page to every walker. Because participants receive a T-shirt and other benefits, registration fees cannot count toward the participant’s fundraising goals and therefore cannot be designated. Registration fees are not tax-deductible.

I'm having trouble with my account/registering/my team registration. Who do I call?

For any questions or issues with the website or your online account, please contact us at walk@cchmc.org or 513-636-2941.


Is there a fundraising minimum? What’s a good fundraising goal?

While there is no fundraising minimum, we strongly encourage all participants to set personal fundraising goals. The average participant raises $100.

How do I fundraise?

There are many ways to meet your personal fundraising goal. When you register, you'll receive a personal fundraising page that makes it easy to ask for donations through email and Facebook. You can ask your friends, family members, coworkers, neighbors and local businesses to support your efforts. Don’t forget to use social media!

Why am I asked to fundraise for this event?

As a nonprofit hospital and research center, we depend on your support to help meet the healthcare needs of children in our community and to improve child health around the globe. Cincinnati Walks for Kids is one of the most important ways we get community support to help us further our innovative research and contribute to the expert, family-centered care that our patient-families are counting on.

Can I use the event website to fundraise?

Yes! When you register, you'll receive your own personal fundraising page to track gifts, post messages and pictures, and send emails to your friends, family members and coworkers.

Can I choose where the gifts I raise go in the medical center?

Yes! Every dollar you raise will go to your chosen area. To designate your gifts, choose the name of the division, department or program when prompted during registration. Registration fees cannot be designated.

Can I split the funds I raise between two or more divisions/departments/programs?

Unfortunately, no. Each individual participant can choose only one area to receive funds.

How do I use my personal fundraising page?

A personal fundraising page is automatically created for you when you register. You can customize your page to meet your needs through your Participant Center. You can share your page with anyone you want through email and social media. Visitors to your page can make a donation toward your goal, read your reasons for walking, leave you a message of support and view the picture you post.

Are all walkers required to have a personal fundraising page?

A personal fundraising page is automatically created when you register. However, you can make your page private. Follow these steps: log in and go to the Participant Center. Click on the Personal Page tab and select URL Settings. Within the settings, you can make your page private. Be sure to save before leaving the page.

How do I use my Participant Center?

Enter your user name and password at the top of any page on our website, cincywalks.org, to access your Participant Center. You'll use your Participant Center to customize your personal fundraising page, update your fundraising goal, track your donations and send emails. There will be instructions on each page to help you through the process.

If I join a team, can I still designate my funds to any area I choose, even if it's different from the Team Captain?

Yes! If there is a particular department or program you're passionate about, you can designate the funds you raise to your area of choice.

Do I need to designate the gifts I raise to a specific division/department/program at the medical center?

No. Undesignated funds will support the most pressing needs at Cincinnati Children's.

Do I need a gift deposit slip for each gift?

Yes. For each donation you receive offline (such as cash or checks), you will need to attach a deposit slip when you turn it in. Attaching the deposit slip will let us properly credit your fundraising goal and also make sure that your supporters get acknowledged properly. Online gifts through your personal fundraising page do not need a deposit slip, as they are tracked automatically.

Where do I get deposit slips?

You can download deposit slips to print.

Can I mail in several gifts and deposit slips in one envelope?

Yes. Be sure to attach a completed deposit slip to each gift.

How do I submit my gifts?

Credit cards: Ask your supporters to submit their gifts online through your personal fundraising page. Gifts are automatically tracked through the page. You can receive notifications when gifts are made so you can personally thank your supporters. Cincinnati Children’s will also acknowledge your supporters' gifts.

Cash and checks: Fill out and attach a deposit slip to each gift and bring the gifts to Walker Check-In or mail them to:

Cincinnati Children’s
ATTN: Cincinnati Walks for Kids
P.O. Box 5202
Cincinnati, OH 45201-5202

Who should checks be made payable to?

All checks should be made payable to Cincinnati Children's and turned in with a deposit slip.

My supporter needs a tax receipt letter. How do I get one?

Donors must provide their first and last name with a full address to receive a tax receipt. For cash and checks, be sure the deposit slip includes the supporter's full name and address, and we will mail them a letter when their gift has been processed. A tax receipt is automatically generated for supporters when they give online through your personal fundraising page.

How do I support an individual or team?

Visit our Find a Participant or Team Page to take a look at our participants and learn why they're walking to make strides for Cincinnati Children's.

How can I sponsor the event?

People love to support businesses that support local charities. For more information on corporate sponsorships, contact Danielle Discepoli at 513-636-2912 or danielle.discepoli@cchmc.org


How do I create a team?

Just follow these simple steps:

1. Select a team captain, team name and team fundraising goal.
2. Have the team captain register your team first.
3. Then, have team members join the team when they register.
4. Start raising funds!

How do I join a team?

When you register, select the option to join a team. Search for your team's name. If your team is related to a company, you can also search by company name.

Do I have to be on a team in order to participate in the walk?

No. You can register to walk as an individual.

Are all teammates expected to fundraise?

Yes. Each team member is asked to set and reach a personal fundraising goal.

Can a team receive a gift?

Yes. Gifts can be made to a team or an individual. Teams generally set a team fundraising goal in addition to the individual goals set by each team member. Funds raised by each team member will count toward the team fundraising goal. Gifts made to a team will support the team captain's designation.

I'm already registered to walk, but I want to start my own team or join a team. Is it too late?

Not at all. Email us at walk@cchmc.org or call 513-636-2941, and we will update your team status.

What are social media accounts and event hashtags for this event?

Like us on Facebook at Cincinnati Children's Giving and follow us on Instagram at @givecincychildrens. Share posts about our event using the hashtag of #cincywalks! Follow our progress as the event gets closer. On event day, follow #cincywalks on Twitter and Instagram for event updates!

My event question isn't listed here. Who can I contact for information?

For more information about the event, you can email walk@cchmc.org or call 513-636-2941.

What does the walker t-shirt look like this year?

CWK shirt_300.jpg

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